Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy

Indiana USSSA has adopted a zero-tolerance policy starting March 1st, 2021. This will be in effect for all Indiana ran events. We are seeing way too many incidents happening with threats and verbal abuse during events and this cannot happen, as we are running off staff that work and before long, we will have no one to umpire for these girls and then what? The following policy will be set in place:

Coaches ejections

  1. A coach ejected must sit for the remainder of that game and the next game regardless of the ejection. This would not include the use of illegal bat, however if bat warmers or heaters are in dugout that would be reasoned to be ejected for one game.
  2. A coach who gets thrown out a second time during the season will be suspended from one USSSA event.
  3. A third ejection will warrant a one-year possible suspension from coaching USSSA.
  4. Any time a coach verbally abuses a USSSA staff member it will be reported to the state office and suspensions will be handed down accordingly.
  5. If at any time a coach makes, contact with a USSSA staff member that coach will be deemed to be fully prosecuted by the law.
  6. Any time a coach throws or kicks any equipment during a game the coach will be ejected.
  7. Any team caught using an illegal player the head coach will receive a one tournament suspension. This would mean if you used a player that is playing in another USSSA event on the same weekend.
  8. Once an ejection occurs the coach has one minute to leave. They must be out of site and out sound of the umpires doing that game. Failure to leave will result in a forfeited game and a possible ejection from the event. That coach is not allowed back inside the park until they have served their one game suspension.
  9. If a coach’s ejection comes during the last game they play, then that one game suspension follows them to their next event.
  10. Coach’s can file a protest to be reinstated and come before the USSSA State board.

Spectator ejections:

  1. Spectator abuse is always prohibited. This includes verbal abuse. A spectator can be ejected from the game.
  2. If a spectator is ejected from the game, then they are ejected from the remainder of that event. We will mandate this.
  3. If a spectator is ejected the last game their team plays, then they will serve a one tournament suspension.
  4. At any time, a spectator threatens a USSSA staff member they will be suspended for one year from all USSSA events.
  5. If a spectator encounters, contact with a USSSA staff member then that spectator will be prosecuted to the fullest extinct the law allows and be banned from all USSSA events.

Conduct in regards of teams playing:

  1. At no time is fighting prohibited or acts of that are detrimental allowed from players, coaches, spectators or sponsors. All involved will be ejected and may be given a one-year suspension. This includes before, during or after the game.
  2. Any time, a coach is deemed to be under the influence or alcohol or drugs they will be removed from the playing field.
  3. Head coaches are always responsible for their team’s actions and we ask you to help us make the playing experience enjoyable for your team by taking the time to talk to parents and players about in game conduct. Head coaches may be called on to defuse his fans, failure to help with the fan then both coach and fan are both subject to being ejected.

In closing we normally have few incidents, but it has gotten worse over the winter months and we want to make knowledge now that any abuse will not be tolerated. At USSSA we love what we do, umpires love the game and the players playing, but I hear it more and more how the experience of umpiring is becoming less and less enjoyable and with that happening we are losing umpires and are having less and less new umpires coming on board.

I am going to thank each of you ahead of time for doing your part as coaches and parents on making USSSA a fun place to come and enjoy the best playing experience possible.


Tim Foster, Indiana USSSA State Director.


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