Indiana USSSA Rules

Indiana USSSA Rules

USSSA Indiana Fastpitch Rules/ Park Rules


  • Time Limits

All qualifiers shall be 70-minute games.

All NIT events are to be 75-minute games.

State and Nationals events 75-minute games.

All games are to be completed innings.


  • Run Rules:

12 runs after 3 innings of play.

10 runs after 4 innings of play.

8   runs after 5 innings of play.

(exception) 8U run rules are 10 after 4 and 8 after 5. There is no run rule after 3.


  • Courtesy Runner:

A courtesy runner is used for pitcher and catcher only.

The same courtesy runner cannot run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning.

A courtesy runner shall be an unused sub if you have one.

If no sub, then teams will go to the last completed at bat. If the last completed bat was pitcher of catcher, then move to the player.


  • Batting

Teams may roster bat players.

If roster batting and player is injured, then an out will be recorded next at bat.

Teams may play straight 9 players.

Teams may bat 10 or 11 batters reporting the 10th and 11th batters as an AP.

Teams play use the DP/Flex.




  • Starting a game shorthanded:

Teams may start with 8 players.

An out shall be called when the 9th batter comes up.

A sub player may be entered into the 9th spot at any time of the game however the batter must take the 9th spot in the batting lineup.


  • Re-entry rule:

Players may re-enter a game for the same player who entered for them.

At no time can a player re-enter in different spot in the batting lineup.

Every player may re-enter at least one time.


  • Injury rule

Injured players cannot re-enter the game once they are removed.

If a player in is injured and no sub to replace her, then an out recorded in that spot.

Player may re-enter into the game if a player was removed for the blood rule.


  • Concussion rule:

Any injury above the neck occurs and the player complains of the injury or if the umpires or directors consider the injury should seek medical assistance, then that player shall be removed from the game not allowed to play until a written statement releases her to play.


  • Pitching rule:

A coach may visit the pitcher three time and on the fourth visit she must be removed from pitching.

When a pitch come in relieve, she must face at least one complete batter.

The starting pitcher may re-enter to pitch after another pitcher has pitched to a batter than completed, they’re at bat.





8U pitching rule:

All Indiana USSSA events are coach pitch.

A coach/pitcher must maintain one foot in contact with the pitching rubber.

Batters shall receive five pitches or three swings.

If a batter fouls the fifth pitch off, she can continue batting until a swing and miss occurs or she completes her entire at bat by either reaching base or being put out.


  • Coaches outside the dugout:

One coach calling pitches may sit on a bucket outside the dugout, unless the umpire deems it is unsafe.

Any coach gets hit with a ball, then the correct rule at that time will be applied.

(Exception) in 8U two coaches can be out in the outfield area on defense to help.


  • Protest fees:

All protest fees are $150 cash.

All protest that occurs a tournament director or UIC shall determine the ruling before another pitch is thrown.

If the team protesting rule holds up, then the team shall receive their fees back. If the protest is favored in the other team’s favor, then the protesting team forfeits any right to their fees back.


  • Rain out info:

The tournament director running the event has any option as they see fit to get the event completed. This may be but not limited to:


Shortening games times

Shortening number of innings played

Go to a count on the batter.

Shortening number of games played.

Cancel pool play games and seed bracket.


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