• Tournament Date
    Apr 06 - Apr 07 2024
  • Entry Fee
    $237 - $384
  • Stature
  • Age Groups
    8U - 14U
  • Admission


Tournament Division

Division Entry Fee Gate Fee Max Entries Teams

Event Ballparks

Venue Name Address Maps link
Newburgh Sports Complex 5433 Vann Road, Newburgh, IN, 47630 Open in Maps
Venue Name
Newburgh Sports Complex
5433 Vann Road, Newburgh, IN, 47630

Event Lodging

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Venue Name Address Dates Details
Newburgh Sports Complex 5433 Vann Road, Newburgh, IN, 47630 Apr 6-7 Find Hotels
Venue Name
Newburgh Sports Complex
5433 Vann Road, Newburgh, IN, 47630
Apr 6-7

Event Updates

Event Details

Welcome to Indiana USSSA Fastpitch with Just Do It Events!


Most our events start on Saturday and run through Sunday. Special scheduling requests will be handled on a first come first serve request. Please email your scheduling request as soon as possible.

Tournament rules to our events:

All rules are guidelines of the USSSA rulebook. If the rules are not covered, then we depend on the National Federation Rule book.

The Game:

Batting: Teams may bat their entire roster at all events.  If a player is injured an out will be recording in the lineup if there is no sub or if the player cannot continue when she comes back up to bat. If she misses her turn at bat she will be considered a non player for the remainder of that game unless it is due to the blood rule.

Teams may use the DP/Flex. The rule is the Flex should be listed at the bottom of the lineup and play defense only. The DP and Flex may play defense at the same time.  The DP bats but the Flex never bats. The Flex can sub in for the DP and then the DP/Flex goes away and the DP is on the bench. 

Courtesy runners: Courtesy runners may be used for pitchers and catchers only. The same courtesy runner cannot run for both the pitcher and catcher in the same inning. If you have a sub then that player must be used first as the courtesy runner. If no sub then teams must use the LCAB Last Completed At Bat.

Game times: All events vary on time limits. Most all qualifiers are 70 minute games finish the inning. 

Lineup cards: In all events lineup cards must have the first initial of the player, the last name and the player number. Pitchers and catchers need to be identified also. All Substitutes should be listed on the lineup card as well.

Run Rules: Are 12 after 3 innings of play, 10 after 4 innings of play, and 8 after 5 innings of play. In 8U it is 10 after 4 innings and 8 after 5 innings.

Uniforms: All shirts worn should be similar in color with a unique number. We are lenient on this rule due to players jumping teams and teams using subs. 

8U coach pitch: 

Teams may play with 10 players on defense.

Only 6 runs allowed per inning up through the 4th inning.  Innings 5 and 6 are unlimited runs at Just Do It Events

The Run Rule is 10 after 4. 

Players get 5 pitches or three swings. A foul ball on the last pitch warrants for the batter to continue until they have been put out or reach base.

Coach pitching must start on the pitching rubber. The pitcher helper must have one foot in the circle on the pitch.

Player may leave the base on the pitch, however if the ball is not batted fair they must return to their base. Players can be put out if they run off base and the catcher throws behind them for the tag.

No infield fly rule in 8U

Play stops when the umpire feels that the lead runner has been stopped and will allow each runner to the base they feel they should be put at. 

Rainout policy: can be found at 3up3downfastpitch.com

In case of inclement weather:

The director has the right to go to a lower game total, cut time limits, shorten games, or drop losers brackets in order to get the event completed.


If a coach is ejected from a game, then they are removed for the remainder of that game and could be removed from their next game but that decision is made by the tournament director after a discussion with the umpires.

If a spectator is ejected, then they are ejected for the remainder of that event. If it is the last game of that event, then they will have to sit out the next event. If circumstances are severe enough, the player of an ejected fan or coach may also be asked to leave the facility.

Zero Tolerance used against any of the following is in effect:

Gate personnel




Park personnel

others teams or their spectators.

Park Rules:

Pets are not allowed at any Parks Just Do It Events host at

No alcohol allowed in parks. 

No drugs allowed in parks

No tobacco use includes smoking, chewing or vaping. This goes for any USSSA staff member also.

Some parks do not allow outside food or drinks other then 1 team coolers, some parks may charge a cooler fee 

No overnight RV Parking at most parks

Spectator Gate fees:

Saturday only $15

Weekend $20(includes Friday if we play on Friday night)

Sunday Only $15

Children under 10 free

If the event is advertised as a Team Gate the fee is $250 or $275 depending on the park location and is payable at the event. Team Gate locations are Santa Claus, Jasper and Ferdinand. These parks are not gated. occasionally we might collect a spectator gate at Jasper if we are not using Santa Claus or Ferdinand locations at the same event. The Team Gate can be paid by team Check, Cash or venmo.  

Payment methods for your Tournament Registration Fee:

Pay on line at usssa.com with a credit card

Pay by check      

Pay by venmo or Pay Pal (Venmo: trisha-grass(no profile picture) 

Pay Pal and Venmo or with a credit card are now the same fees:

Make checks payable to Just Do It Events, 1002 Tell Street, Tell City IN 47586


All USSSA Events offer hotel booking directly thru the event link 

You will see many hotel options all offering competitive pricing. 

Events hosted at Deaconess Sports Park in Evansville, Newburgh Sports Complex in Newburgh or Newman Park in Henderson also have event booking thru the Evansville CBV. We ask that you use their services to book your hotels. You will find a link to those hotels and booking service on the event details page.

For information OUR USSSA events please contact our office:

By email [email protected] or [email protected]

or call 812-499-2039 at anytime or 812-774-1125 (Drew)

Thank you!

Drew Grass

USSSA Fastpitch Director


January 04, 2024 - 12:43pm


For more information in regards to this event, please contact:

Just Do It Events/Grass

[email protected]



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